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  1. Spud Matix

    Did Agatha feed Scratchie an insect or a bird? :-? Hmmmmm

  2. Lucas Ellwood

    When you said pizza time I got a advert for dominos pizza. A coincidence? I THINK NOT.

  3. Josh Relf

    Memente Momoria. Unas Annus

  4. Jayjaygottime

    Agatha mentions Wanda made breakfast for dinner. That was a reference to when vision and wanda had dinner with Visions boss. That proves that agatha was watching the dinner. Also, in that episode right before the boss notices the food, he mentions to visions that he might not be managment material. There is 'chaos' every where.

  5. Jack Smith

    When Sword was dismantling vision why was vision in Colour ???

  6. Spud Matix

    Did anyone get Harry Potter vibes wen u heard Agathas incantations?

  7. Mus’ab Umair

    Ya’ll suffering waiting for the next episode while I’m suffering waiting Disney plus available in my country

  8. Romeo Rosario

    When Pietro arrives he asks “who’s the popsicle?” In X-men days of future past when we first meet him, he’s eating a popsicle. Can’t be a coincidence l.

  9. Percs_147

    ooga booga

  10. Taylor Swann

    The enthusiastic fight disappointingly print because net hopefully file per a moaning department. brief, sulky pizza

  11. The Black Marvel

    It doesnt seem like Agatha is jealous but more fearful. I feel as though Agatha is afraid Wanda could bring destruction to the world.

  12. Tina Mardt

    Notice Wanda standing at the glass above the vision saying “stop it” like Mrs Hart... killed me

  13. Mr.Zauberbiest

    Hayward is probably Ultron

  14. Joel Frans

    It's gonna be Mordo

  15. ThunderBlastvideo

    White vision reminds me a lot of Dr. Manhattan

  16. Tom Harding

    Would be insane if Agatha wasn’t a villain

  17. bLoWc16

    Creating visions shows that Wanda is the very first impotent character in the MCU without any stones.

  18. Cedric

    I really think that the stork that cannot be controlled by Wanda is actually dr strange

  19. Der Pumper

    that was not "the open darkhold"... it was just an open random book....

  20. Malfunctioning Russian Troll Bot

    Eric, we need to speculate on what Agatha Harkness wants with Wanda. As we were just about to find out the post credit scene showed us Sword director's Tyler Hayward motivation, but not Agatha intentions.

  21. Ian Bishop

    When I first saw white vision I thought it was guna be the super-adaptoid as it would be able to transform due to Wandas hex power. Now I think it’s just white vision 😳

  22. Aniruddha Barma

    So we're all ready for the SATAN in the Finale

  23. Gabi

    I’m so proud of Daniel Bruhl!!! He’s a SEVERELY underrated actor. Hopefully, he’ll get just as much love as Anthony and Sebastian.

  24. Alex Cook

    Could the circles also represent the nine realms ? 🤔

  25. Haniyeh Lavoi

    I know it's all fictional but I cried my eyes out while watching this episode

  26. The Black Marvel

    The 3 ladies could represent the mother, the maiden, and the crone. The 3 forms of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft.

  27. ChillingLikePapi

    if you watched the chilling adventure of Sabrina, do you think that Agatha broach could represent Hecate? the 3 faced goddess, the maiden, the mother and the crone maybe?

  28. Mr. Midnight

    Good thing Dr Squatch doesn’t have a Hydra soup, I’d have to make own.

  29. Tun Tun Mausi vines

    MAGNETO IS COMING. I saw the leaked episode 9

  30. Dysatisfunctional TV

    Shatner. I want Wanda to fight William Shatner.

  31. Hannah H

    Fun fact: the center of Westview is TV

  32. The Sigma

    13:36 he didnt wait he said at the end credits he took him apart and back together multiple times

  33. JamesorGeorge

    Hayward: He isn't yours Wakanda and Dr. Helen Cho: You can bet on it

  34. Gunja Das

    I think that, at the ending scene when Wanda comes back into present time, it was the 1st episode. You can see the candles and the sofa, it was all in the 1st episode. Even the 1st episode was filmed before an live audience and that's why Agatha had been found sitting at one of the seats of the auditorium.

  35. Techy Obvious

    The three fates we have met 2 of them Agnes and Wanda

  36. Patrick Wilson

    I swear the last thing we’re going to see in the finale is that mailman laughing at us

  37. Purnima Gurung

    I too, will stay on this Titanic ship with you Captain 🧎‍♀️

  38. Indranuj Das

    Then which character is Evan Peters' playing?

  39. RJ

    8:12 "Boom looking for this" OMG😭🤣

  40. Samurai Sameer

    You have elevated this episode in my eyes

  41. J.O.R.D

    13:53😂 Ohh huh huh, Voss’s silliness makes my day 😅

  42. Phil BT

    Repete Memoria = repeat memory

  43. Radixz

    notice one of the three head had the magneto helmet😮

  44. TJ C

    It's called no way home because Toby M and Andrew G characters (Doc Oc and Electro) will not be able to get back home

  45. Thor Lebowski

    Who put that letter in Wanda's car In the first place?.. I need answers...

  46. bLoWc16

    They’re building up the midnight sons not some multiverse spider verse fan fiction

  47. Jarl Grimm Toys

    In the comics Vision didn’t have the mind stone. He had a solar jewel that absorbed solar energy to power him, and could be discharged as an energy beam. I’m guessing in the MCU without the mind stone, they have an adapted arc reactor to power Vision.

  48. Becky

    How is Vision able to be dismantled, I thought Vibranium was supposed to be indestructible. Or is it less strong because it's mixed with tissue?

  49. Samurai Sameer

    That was the most amazing line I have heard in quite some time

  50. Mani Place

    Or the 9 realms

  51. Darren Weston

    Its not the devil because china said no.

  52. C.Rodriguez

    The 9 circles can also be the 9 realms

  53. RusTsea196T

    Yeah, but is Dr. Squatch free of all those Hydra mind-control chemicals! Be free! Make your own soap, sheeples!

  54. pooja suresh

    When Vision turned out to be a white walker 😂

  55. Daniel Ortiz

    Wth happened to Agent Franklin?!

  56. Sakshi Pakhide

    The white vision's name is cataract I think. Because cataract means cloudy appearance and the anti-vision is white in color, so Haywards mission cataract would be the anti-vision.

  57. Shaun Ashley

    I want a nova movie 🍿

  58. Buddhi Dev

    Could that be Loki? LoL

  59. Hugo Sykes

    Who else misses

  60. Kathode N

    So no one's going to mention the GTA San Andreas font in the L in Loki

  61. Aditya Pamungkas

    Thanks erick.. i can sleep tonight

  62. Annebeth Kuijs

    The 3 figures could also be the Maiden, The Mother & the Crone

  63. Y Pe

    I’m with you ‘til the end, captain.

  64. D H R

    Episode 8 be like: IT WAS BETTANY ALL ALONG

  65. Wade Eastman

    Everything said in the first 10 minutes is Wandavision.

  66. scootinand

    "Monster of nature" You mean... like a mutant?

  67. Waldo

    srsly, where was Vision this entire episode? last time he flew out of his truck, and thats it?...

  68. Chaitanya Naidu

    So now that white wash vision doesn't have the mind stone, what are his powers?

  69. John

    Still think it’s ultron and not white vision Love your videos

  70. Holiday Bros

    The real question is do we think Agatha will survive the finale and become a part of the mcu or just die.

  71. Ira Khan

    Now that time travel exists shouldn’t they just go back before infinity war take vision to wakanda get mind stone removed etc etc

  72. Ash G

    Wican’s magic is blue like the coven witches ;0

  73. Ynaiã Leal

    the figure in the door, with the "9" circles, could it not be 10 circles? simbolyzing the Sefirot?

  74. Pigatro!d01

    Maybe Hayward is Kang

  75. Jed Nadin

    *BOOM* “You lookin’ for this?” I appreciate you.

  76. Lulu Harshie

    This episode literally broke me

  77. Casual Paladin

    I don't like the theory of branching things off into different genre dimensions, that kind of makes everything feel too disconnected. I like the idea that everything is happening in the same universe just some characters just have nothing to do with some events or those events or knowledge are unavailable to them. Like how the Avengers knew nothing about Dormammu or Ronan the Accuser. I like the thought of Shang-Chi is doing his own thing while all this multiverse stuff is happening behind the scenes, or Falcon and Bucky aren't told about Wanda so they don't know its happening and they have other stuff to deal with. Loki could even know about it and find it amusing but have no reason to engage with it since he has no idea who Wanda is and he's got his own schemes to worry about, lol.

  78. Deres

    Since everyone is clued to every single mention of the word nightmare, isnt it to on the nose? Couldnt it be another red hering Marvel throws at us?

  79. Ynaiã Leal

    Kathryn Hahn is so hot....

  80. JaQuawn Turner

    His theory actually makes sense